Policy Review


A Policy Review is an opportunity for you to review your clients existing life insurance policies against their current needs and objectives. It involves a thorough evaluation of their current life insurance policies to make sure they are performing as intended, are structured properly and are not overpaying.

Reviewing your clients existing insurance may seem overwhelming, but The Dawn Chambers Agency is here to do all the leg work. We have the below tools to evaluate a policy based on basic information found in an annual statement or to do a more formal and detailed analysis.

Please call us to discuss this opportunity to bring extra value to your clients and earn additional revenue!


  • INFORCE AUTHORIZATION– If your client has an inforce permanent insurance policy, The Dawn Chambers Agency will analyze their current policy to make sure it is adequate. All you need to do is have your client sign our Inforce Authorization and let us handle the rest!
  • PRECALC ILLUSTRATION TOOL– Our new life insurance policy review PRECalc tool will help you identify potential review opportunities in minutes. Ordering inforce illustrations are no longer the first step to beginning a policy review. With only a few simple pieces of information on the existing life insurance policy, we can tell you if a policy review may be right for your client.
  • SAMPLE PROSPECTING LETTERS– Our marketing team has developed 6 different policy review prospecting letters that can be customized and sent out to your existing client base.
  • POLICY REVIEW FACT FINDER– An approved consumer policy review fact finder that includes needed policy, financial and medical information to complete a comprehensive insurance review for your clients. Please link to the attached PDF labeled LIPR.